Virtual Private Screening Info

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A virtual sneak preview screening is an opportunity for you to raise funds and engage your audience with a meaningful story that will drive them toward action. There are no upfront costs for hosting a screening. All expenses are subtracted from ticket fees and ticket donations. You will receive a private link for your decision-makers to view the movie as you decide if you’d like to partner with us.

This private sneak preview screening will happen before The Sound of Violet is released in theaters on April 29, 2022, so your screening cannot be promoted or advertised anywhere by name online: including social media, websites, or anywhere on the web. You can, however, publicly promote an “Upcoming Sneak Preview Screening” and direct people to sign up for your email list to get more information. The screening can only be promoted through your email list because this is a private sneak preview screening for your members. Viewers can also gift a screening to someone, using their email address. Click here for more info about why this cannot be advertised publicly.

When you have chosen the date for your screening, fill out this form five weeks before your date.

Here’s an example of what your screening page will look like.

Hosting a Private Screening involves:

Preparing your email list, emails, & any merchandise

  • Prepare your email list and create three emails to promote the movie to your members.
  • Send the first email 3-4 weeks before, the second email 2 weeks before, and the final email the week before the screening.
  • Determine any merchandise you’d like to sell, and you’ll ship them after orders are received. You can create ticket packages with merchandise. For example: $50 = Ticket + T-shirt • $100 = Ticket + T-Shirt + Novel • $250 = T-Shirt + Novel + Soundtrack, etc.

Promoting to your email list

  • We’ll provide you with suggested content, and a link to the page where people can view the trailer, purchase tickets, buy merchandise, and make donations. When the premiere date arrives, ticket holders will have 7 days to unlock their screening and 24 hours to watch the film. We suggest you charge $18 for tickets but you will choose the price that works for your audience.

Sharing Costs & Revenue

  • $500 Virtual Screening Fee, subtracted from ticket sales. There are no upfront costs for a virtual screening: all expenses are subtracted from ticket sales and ticket donations. In the unlikely event that sales and donations do not cover the Virtual Screening Fee, the organization would not owe any remaining balance.
  • 50/50 Ticket revenue split.
  • 100% of Donations to the organization after expenses. Ticket buyers have an opportunity to add a donation to their ticket price. Donations through the site are not tax-deductible. However, we’ll feature a direct link for people to give tax-deductible donations to your organization and you will keep 100% of those donations.
  • 100% of Merchandise sales to merch sellers. All tax, shipping, and handling needs to be included in the merchandise pricing, and will need to be shipped by the seller.
  • 5% & $1.98 fee per ticket charge from Eventive who hosts, manages, and provides customer support for the screening ($1.98 can be included with ticket or can be an extra charge. We suggest extra charge.)
  • Optional: $500 for custom Q&A with the filmmaker, subtracted from ticket sales and donations.
  • Complimentary 3 min. intro from your organization. Otherwise, the filmmaker will introduce the film.
  • Complimentary Q&A with the filmmaker and actors starring in the movie if you don’t do your own Q&A.

Engaging Your Audience

  • If you choose the custom Q&A with filmmaker, you will have an opportunity to pitch how audience members can partner with you. Otherwise, you can pitch the audience during your 3 minute introduction.
  • You can use the introduction or custom Q&A to advance your audience to a next stage of action: you can promote an upcoming event or opportunity through the Q&A, recruit volunteers, promote opportunities to give during your 3 minute intro.
  • You can purchase wholesale copies of The Sound of Violet novel to give as gifts to key donors, to include as part of an auction, or to promote the screening.
  • The film has been rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association for mature thematic content, sexually suggestive material, some violence, and drug material. There is no foul language or nudity in the movie.

Post Screening

  • After the screening, you’ll receive a list of people who purchased tickets as well as a full accounting of sales and donations.
  • You’ll receive a survey to assess your experience.
  • When The Sound of Violet premieres in theaters, you’ll have an opportunity to host an in-person screening and promote it publicly.

Encore Screening

The week after your premiere, you can announce an Encore Screening. There is no Virtual Screening Fee for an Encore Screening. It’s a chance to give the audience the opportunity to invite their friends and give people another opportunity to see the film. See the email examples page for suggestions on what to communicate.


Screenings can be scheduled through April 8, 2022 which would mean the form would need to be filled out by March 5 to book that screening.