Writer, Director, Producer

Allen Wolf
Allen WolfWriter, Director, Producer

Allen is an award-winning filmmaker, novelist, and board game creator. His creative work has been experienced by millions of people all over the world.

Allen is passionate about telling stories through film.
  • Allen graduated from New York University’s film school at the top of his class.
  • His senior thesis film was a finalist for the Student Academy Awards.
  • Allen’s feature film, In My Sleep, debuted as the #1 new indie film opening weekend.
  • In My Sleep sold to over 70 countries.
  • In My Sleep was featured on Netflix, Redbox, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Showtime, and the Lifetime Movie Network.
  • Allen’s screenplay for Hooked won 10 awards.
  • The Black List called Hooked “A very sweet and endearing romantic comedy.”
  • Allen has won numerous awards for his other screenplays.
  • Allen has created numerous other shorts and was a story consultant on a Hulu series.
Allen’s novel Hooked won numerous awards including a Book of the Year Award.
  • In their review, Kirkus Reviews called Hooked, “Entertaining, well-paced, and highly visual.”
  • Hooked won 6 awards, including a Book of the Year Award.
  • Allen read the audio version of Hooked.
  • Allen wrote Hooked at Disneyland.
  • Allen has an agent who represents him for his children’s books.
  • In writing Hooked, Allen hoped to bring awareness to human trafficking.
Allen has created 5 board games that have been played all over the world.
  • Allen has created games for adults and children.
  • Allen’s board games have won 38 awards.
  • Allen created his first game as a present for two friends who were dating.
  • Allen’s first game, You’re Pulling My Leg!, was featured in his film, In My Sleep.
  • Allen is married to his Persian princess and has two young children.
  • Allen has been to Disneyland over 400 times.
  • Allen has travelled all over the world but his favorite travel destination is Paris.
  • Allen has been to the Cannes Film Festival 4 times.
  • Allen is a pastor who oversees the arts and communication for a church in Seattle.
  • Allen loves dogs and has a stuffed animal dog that’s the size of a real one. His name is Buster.
  • Allen can’t stand anything that flies AND buzzes.
  • Allen typically starts his day around 4am.
  • Allen is amazed if you read all these lists!

Director of Photography

Chris Joseph Taylor
Chris Joseph Taylor

Chris began his career shooting an M16 before taking shots as a camera jockey, producing documentaries in the U.S. Marine Corps. As the film-bug started chomping away, he left the military to pursue a less conservative career path in a more creative industry and soon earned his film degree at the Art Institute of Seattle. Influenced heavily by the lighting side of visual storytelling, Chris was brought up through the ranks as a gaffer as well as a cinematographer and editor. Chris has shot several award-winning productions.

Casting Director

Patti Carns Kalles
Patti Carns Kalles

Seattle native Patti Kalles is a member of Casting Society of America (CSA) and a two-time Artios Award-winner. She has been casting for commercials and films for more than 30 years in the Pacific Northwest. Television & Film projects include The Man in the High Castle, Northern Exposure, Frasier, Something Like Summer, Unsolved Mysteries, Snow Falling on Cedars, Mad Love, My Own Private Idaho, Say Anything  and The Fabulous Baker Boys. 

Production Designer

Tyler Herrerra
Tyler Herrerra

Tyler Herrera has long been passionate about art and creating imaginative worlds. She has a keen eye for color and design and enjoys bringing the world of a film to life for the screen. She started her filmmaking career in the wardrobe department and enjoys leading a team of creatives to bring to life the vision of the filmmaker.