Five-time Grammy Nominee Brandon Heath released his new song, Anywhere But Here, which is featured in The Sound of Violet, a romantic comedy that is now playing only in theaters. The story is about a man who believes he found his perfect soulmate but his autism keeps him from realizing she’s a prostitute looking for a ticket out of her trapped life. Allen Wolf, the writer, director, and producer of The Sound of Violet approached Heath to write a song for a pivotal moment in the new movie, knowing Heath’s uncanny ability to get underneath your skin with a lyric. The song plays during an emotional scene.

“I’ve known Brandon since before his music swept the world so I was honored to have him play such a pivotal role in highlighting an emotional scene during The Sound of Violet.” Wolf said. “His song captures how Shawn views his relationship with Violet, that she could be anywhere but with him. It reveals how vulnerable Shawn feels while reminding us that he would do anything to be with Violet who has been keeping many secrets from him.”

“It’s necessary to be vulnerable,” Heath said. “Secrets are powerful, and they will keep parts of you locked away. And I think those locked away parts are the parts that need to have light shined on them.”

A deep dive into Heath’s discography reveals a songwriter who is constantly grappling with faith and doubt simultaneously and a storyteller who isn’t afraid to sing about it. In Anywhere But Here, Heath explores the idea that the person you love could be having a completely different life apart from the one you have together, and how blessed you are to be in that relationship.

Heath’s song is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and wherever music is available.