Production of the feature film The Sound of Violet has wrapped. This picture captures the moment of celebration after we completed filming the last shot of The Sound of Violet after 18 long and challenging days of production.

We managed to film at 27 locations all around Seattle while filming 98 scenes involving hundreds of extras.

This was all possible because of our amazing supporters, the incredibly talented cast and crew, and the many fantastic people who volunteered their time and resources to help make our movie possible.

There are so many stories and pictures I’d love to share with you. I’m collecting them now and will  post them while I edit the movie. I’m including a few pictures below from the first two days of production. Enjoy! And thank you to everyone who is supporting The Sound of Violet!

Our lead actors get ready to film a dramatic scene:

Jason Treviño and Cora Cleary played the leading two roles and did a terrific job. It was a pleasure to direct them.

Ever wonder how you film in a car on a low budget? The director drives, the camera man sits in the passenger seat with the camera and…

…the sound mixer hides in the trunk!

We filmed many scenes in Fremont, a hip and artsy area of Seattle.

It It takes a lot of equipment and people to make a movie. We typically had 20-40 people working on the set every day.

On our low budget, we couldn’t afford a director’s chair so I just sat where I could and appreciated anything that could give me shade.

Yes, I have a cameo in The Sound of Violet. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know what is happening in this scene. If not, it’ll be a surprise!